Simple Behavior-Based Email for Your SaaS

Overwhelmed with existing automation tools? Try — the simplest way for SaaS companies to observe user behavior and communicate based on actions users take (or don't take).

Facing any of these problems with your SaaS product?

You can’t figure out individual user journeys. What exactly did they do before converting?
Analytic tools are too complex and provide useless "average" values.
To send event-based emails, you need to purchase and painfully integrate multiple bulky tools.
Enterprise-level solutions are outrageously expensive for your self-funded SaaS company.

That's why we're building a new simple tool for you.

Everything you need to onboard & retain your users

Manage your users in a simple, beautiful admin panel
See individual user journeys: what people are actually doing with the app
Create email workflows based on what users do (or don’t do)
Set up onboarding, promote specific features, re-engage inactive users
Send recurring status reports and recover failed payments
Use templates that cover the entire user journey, so that you don’t have to do the hard thinking
"Other tools are overly complex for what I have to do. I'm convinced there has to be a better way."
– Jean-Michel Lacroix, founder of Capian

Ready to join early adopters?

The product is currently in beta! We're bringing new users on board individually — so we can learn the details of your business and provide the most value. Sign up with your email below to request early access. is proudly crafted by Jane Portman, Claire Suellentrop, and Benedikt Deicke. We believe that SaaS companies deserve simple, quality tools. Our goal is to solve real problems experienced by real founders.
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