We Build Simple, Quality SaaS Tools

We believe that bootstrapping SaaS products should be more enjoyable. Our goal is to solve real problems experienced by real founders. As a team, we choose to build a profitable, sustainable company, rather than pursue rocketship growth.
Jane Portman
Co-founder, CEO & Head of Product
Founder of UI Breakfast and an independent UI/UX consultant, Jane helps SaaS companies design focused, profitable web applications. Jane also writes books, speaks at conferences, and runs a podcast.
Claire Suellentrop
Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Founder of Love Your Customers and Forget the Funnel, Claire spends her days helping SaaS companies grow — through marketing consulting, mentorship, and customer research. Previously Director of Marketing and employee #2 at Calendly.
Benedikt Deicke
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Benedikt is a software engineer and strategy consultant who helps founders plan, build, grow, and maintain their web applications. Founder of Stage CMS and co-founder of FemtoConf.

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